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Awe Oil Inc. heating oil and diesel fuel delivery.

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heating oil delivery from Awe Oil Inc. Deisel fuel delivery from Awe Oil Inc. heating oil delivery from Awe Oil Inc.

To all of our loyal customers and new customers alike,


THANK YOU so much for utilizing our family run business for your oil needs this winter.  With the soaring prices of oil and the extreme cold, we know that this has been a hard winter on everyone.


We would like to take a moment to apologize to all of you if you at any point experienced less than stellar service. We had a lot of issues in our office that made this the most arduous winter in our entire history.  Our full-time office administrator has been out on maternity leave since early January. The part-time help we hired turned out to be a full-time student who was not in the office to help during the busiest phone hours of the day. This left us with one person handling the phones. Had it been a winter like we have had the past few years, the circumstances would have been manageable. What a surprise this year turned out to be. We realize that this is of no fault of our customers and that at no point should we have allowed the stress of the office to be felt by our customers.

We would like to sincerely apologize to any one on the receiving end of any unprofessionalism. We are truly sorry and do not wish people to think this commonplace for our business. We are proud of being a family run business and we want that 'family' idea to be felt by all of our customers. We TRULY do appreciate your business and want to help everyone that we can in a helpful, kind and courteous manner.

Please accept our apologies and let us know if we can be of service to you. You are MOST APPRECIATED.

Today's Cash Oil Prices
100 gallons or more $ 3.74 per gallon
75 gallons $ 295.00
50 gallons $ 220.00
25 gallons $ 145.00
Today's Credit Card Oil Prices
100 gallons or more $  3.79 per gallon
75 gallons $ 300.00
50 gallons $ 225.00
25 gallons $ 150.00

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